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11 Jul 2012

Keeping up with The KAB girl!!

So here I am, after more than 5-month hiatus from blogging. Minggu tok baru jak mula praktikal rah sigek kompeni event management. Sik lah jauh ney, Shah Alam jak lah. Tapi tetap juak syukur, sik payah gago maok redah traffic jam di KL nun, aku geli ada jak nangga keta sitok diembak kedak bumping cars di funfair nun. Patut tek my batch dah mula cuti semester tapi kamek orang stay sebab our turn to go for industrial training. So, what's up with me after the terrible, I mean, wonderful stage play back in March? Those who are very close and dear to me know what's going on with me. Let's keep this thing in view first, shall we? However, my semester wasn't that, shall I say, that cool this time. But I'm struggling to keep myself together. I was sick for a while and currently on healing period; which explains my brief absence from posting stuff on my blog.
Tahun tok nang ramey relatives and friends nok sama my age tukar status from 'single' to 'married'. Mak reminded me "you're not getting any younger any more, young lady". *Sigh* In my mind, I am still the 19-year-old me (evil laugh). By right, I am supposed to end my status as varsity student by end of this year, but I extended my studies and took study leave for almost a year previously. I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping I'll end my status as a student by next year. Please do pray for me. Meanwhile, I am still figuring and planning things out as I am approaching the end of my scholastic journey. What will I be? A gung-ho actor? A struggling theatre activist? Acting coach perhaps? A teacher? Somebody's underdog? Or a home-maker? A HOME-MAKER? Well, keep in view list eh? *smiling sheepishly here*
By the way, I am very grateful, despite having some difficulties back in school, I managed to get some outside jobs, closely related to my field of study. Hari ya aku dijemput berlakon untuk Imran Yusoff, theatre major from ASWARA, walaupun part aku kecik jak. Then I was called by Dr. Bawany Chinappan from HELP University to perform spontaneous case study acting for family counselling session by the students there. This was my second time and by looking at the success I got from doing this, I do think that I want to do this as part of my future career. We will see.

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