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29 Dec 2014

Enough is enough.

I was doing some work when I overheard my students were talking about their mothers a couple of months ago. It turned out that they were comparing whose mom is more strict. I had to butt in their little gossip because I have expected them to finish their revision. Before I could blurt out more words to halt their conversation, one of them began telling how his mom normally treats him and stuff.
Then one by one started to share their own matriarch anecdotes with me.

I just paused and listened to them. I did share my own tales as well.

Sometimes I wonder why did God choose me to be in this world. I quote Simon Birch: "God has a plan for everyone."

Yes. But what plan? I have always asked myself that ever since.

I know that little feeling every time I was or am asked to do things against my will. Not pretty at all.

Hearing all their tales, it made me to scream within "ENOUGH!"

Just stop for a minute and look around. This world is getting sicker than ever.


Last Sunday after a brief meeting with my boss, I spontaneously (actually it was pretty abrupt) brought up something about tattoos. Since my boss shared what is going on and he related the current events with his faith (he's a devoted Christian himself), I suddenly thought of questions of having permanent tattoos among Christians. To begin with, many of my own relatives have things inked on their body. I even overheard my siblings talking about getting one or two weeks ago. My dad, another Christian devotee, pointed out that he has no problem with people getting inked for eternity but he did clarify his view based on this:

“Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD” (Leviticus 19:28) 

And he added later on," want tattoo? Use your own money!"

Now back to my conversation with my boss that evening. He pointed out that Leviticus is in the Old Testament, years before Christ came into this world. And he quoted something from the last book in the Bible, the book of Revelation. It says:

“On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: king of kings and lord of lords.” (Revelation 19:16)

"His" here refers to Jesus Himself. Well according to one of the blogs I'm currently reading at the moment, whereby the blogger discussed about whether or not Jesus had some writings inscribed or in other word, tattooed on his own flesh?
So I kept reading the blogger's explanation on this matter. 
Towards the end I realized that the writer himself played safe by not leaning to any side.

If it wasn't for my skin condition (I've been suffering from atopic dermatitis @ eczema since I was a toddler), I could have both of my wrists to be tattooed. Nevertheless, that idea is still idling around my head. Years ago when I watched Ayat-ayat Cinta, an Indonesian film based on a novel of the same title, I was attracted to one of the characters, Maria Girgis. Maria is a Coptic Christian Egyptian girl who happens to have a small crucifix tattoo on her left wrist.

Yes, deep down in my heart, I would like to have the similar tattoo on my left wrist. Recently I've have been missing my late paternal grandmother. She passed away 16 years ago. She embraced Catholicism roughly about ten years before her passing. She chose the name "Teresa" as her baptismal name. Now, I am thinking of inking her names on my right wrist. Names? Her birth name was Mawa.

We will see how it goes.

Recapping Two Zero Fourteen.

The world witnessed three planes from Malaysia made major headlines.
First, the still-missing Malaysia Airlines' MH370.
Followed by the ill-fated MH17.
Just more than a couple days after Christmas, Malaysians once again were shocked by the missing Airasia aircraft QZ8501 bound from Surabaya to Singapore.
South Korea earlier this year was stricken by the sunken Sewol ferry. And today a Greek vessel mishap on Italian waters.

Are we on the verge of doomsday?
Have we done too much enough to provoke God's wrath?

Political turmoils seem to emerge everywhere.
What a year we had. What a year indeed.