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29 Dec 2014

Enough is enough.

I was doing some work when I overheard my students were talking about their mothers a couple of months ago. It turned out that they were comparing whose mom is more strict. I had to butt in their little gossip because I have expected them to finish their revision. Before I could blurt out more words to halt their conversation, one of them began telling how his mom normally treats him and stuff.
Then one by one started to share their own matriarch anecdotes with me.

I just paused and listened to them. I did share my own tales as well.

Sometimes I wonder why did God choose me to be in this world. I quote Simon Birch: "God has a plan for everyone."

Yes. But what plan? I have always asked myself that ever since.

I know that little feeling every time I was or am asked to do things against my will. Not pretty at all.

Hearing all their tales, it made me to scream within "ENOUGH!"

Just stop for a minute and look around. This world is getting sicker than ever.

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