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19 Oct 2014

Rock and Roll Leader : Jokowi to Lead Indonesia!

Dad's been bragging about Jokowi, Indonesia's President-Elect for weeks now.

And tomorrow, 20th October, Indonesia will be witnessing Joko Widodo, 53 years old, swearing in as the republic's 7th President.

I won't be writing so much on him since you guys can check him out yourselves via Wikipedia. So I'll just upload photos of the man who received the baton from Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono.

The future of Indonesia lies in your hands now Pak Jokowi!
Rock on!!

18 Oct 2014

The Book of Life

Tatkala demam dah maok kebah ngan "ankle" kanan ku masih sakit akibat gugok dalam jamban masa tengah mandik 3 days ago), aku tetap gagah juak drive ke Bintang Mall semata-mata dah berjanji dengan 3 member ngan salah sorang siap embak anaknya nok kiut ngan cerdit ya.
Sebelum tok bingung juak mikir, filem apa maok ditangga di GSC Lite bulan tok. Mun Annabelle, ampun aku tunggu CD cetak rompak jak. Plus dah baca juak review professional, separa pro ngan kureng pro pun ada juak.
Beberapa hari sebelum sepakat maok "film night out" tok, I browsed through list filem-filem yang tengah ditayang atau "coming soon" pun. Terlekat dengan sigek filem ANIMASI 3D.


Kedak menarik. Aku scan nama2 yang terlibat dalam filem tok. Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana....CHANNING TATUM?? OK aku bukan peminat fanatik mamat badan sasa tok, tapi sekali sekala maok tauk tahap talent nya juak. So aku suggest kat 3 member ku tek sampey siap merik link trailer dari Youtube post terus ke Facebook masing-masing. OK semua merik GREEN LIGHT. Sampey salah sorang mok embak anak dara kiut nya.

Maka sampey lah hari kejadian selepas beberapa kejadian yang kurang dijangka dan disenangi. Tamat ordeal pra-tonton ya tek OK. Next!

This film reminded me first of Despicable Me. I didn't put high expectation on it so much, all I wanted was a night full of good time. Colouful! Ya first sekali yang tarik perhatian aku. Second, the music! The introduction of the story was done sharp but cute. Since background storynya more to Hispanic culture, memang penggunaan colour terang-benderang very obvious. They way the illustrators presented the artworks in this film REALLLYYYY fascinated me. Yes, I love colours WAYYYY too much!

The story takes place in a small Mexican village called San Angel, during the Christian festival of All Souls' Day which falls on 2nd November annually. In Mexico, this festival is HUGE! Try Google it up!

3 main characters Manolo, Maria and Joaquin featured in this film are depicted respectively as the gentle-like hero, rebellious daddy's little girl, and a legend overshadowed by his super legendary predecessor. The 3 good friends later on developed somewhat typical-like love triangle. Manolo, son of the Sanchez family famed for being the Matadors or bullfighters, has only 2 things in his head; undying passion for music (which drives his dad Carlos crazy) and of course, his love interest, Maria. Joaquin, on the other hand, is the son of San Angel's hero who succumbed to death trying to defeat a terrible bandit named Chakal. Yes, he too loves Maria though he remains friends with Manolo.

There! Want to know more? Check your pocket, got enough cash? Go to the nearest cinema, it's showing now! Highly recommended for children too, judging by how Amanda, my friend's lovely daughter laughing and eagerly commenting stuff to her mommy throughout the show.

Here's one of the tracks from the film!

11 Oct 2014

Kimbra - "Settle Down"

I know this song has been around for 4 years now but I knew nothing of its existence until my little brother Azam shared the clip with me on my Facebook wall less than a couple of hours earlier. He knows I love eccentric stuff like this. LOL!!

The Kimbra I know was the one singing with Gotye in the pop hit "Somebody That I used to Know."

Enjoy this one, people!

10 Oct 2014

Almost a year. I am back on track.

Nothing much I guess. Now that I'm blogging via 3 different sites. Crazy? Not really. I think so.
To begin with, I'll frequently blog in this site, as well as the other two blogs I've created.

What's new?
 Besides tutoring, I'm working hard to improve my drawing and sketching skills.

Will talk more later. I'm about to leave for class.

Yes, I work on weekends too. Literally I have no OFF-DAYs now, but I am not complaining too.

I have to remind myself that I need to be thankful and grateful for what I have now.

Later y'all!!