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24 Jan 2015

The year of the Ram enters!

Hello everyone!
Guess it's not too late for me to wish everyone A BLESSED NEW YEAR.

I purposely did not say HAPPY because once again we were shocked with the Airasia aircraft mishap that claimed about 162 lives on board.

What a tragedy to end the year 2014. Plus, we're still saddened by the missing MH370 MAS plane and the doomed MH17 MAS aircraft bound for Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam.

2014 was a year of tragedy, I must say. The people of South Korea were hit by the sunken Sewol ferry that got over 300 people perished in it. The Arab world was  stricken by the mad so-called terrorists ISIS or ISIL that targeted the Arab Christians.

I don't want to sound like I am a street preacher blabbing about doomsday and all but we are on the verge of the end of the world.

I may be sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned room, be it at home or at workplace. Looking at things via the mass media, I feel nothing but heartache and anger.

Politicians have become circus entertainers. Now this is not quite a new scene. It's just that the plots are getting more and more interesting....and ridiculous as well.

Where do people like us, civilians, stand now?

By the way, I do hope the ram brings in comfort to compensate what the mighty horse had done in the past year.

Hope is all I have although things may turn out vague.

5 Jan 2015

Utilised but Not Appreciated

Nowadays I feel that most people take me for granted. I said MOST, not ALL.

They only notice me for my abilities in certain matters. After they are done "using" me, that is it.
It's pretty sickening. As I try to distant myself from them, they always come up with requests and demands. Do I look like a machine that can just make people happy.
I am tired of dealing with all these craps.
I would love to go away again.
Leaving everything here, be gone silently.

I cannot speak out my anger.
I cannot blurt out my unwillingness.
My hands are tied.
My lips are sealed.
My legs are chained.

When will they ever realize my pain?
When will they let me soar high?
When will they leave alone?
I just do not comprehend things they have asked for.

I need my very own space to live.