30 Aug 2015

After Bersih

Today Malaysians are entering the second day of BERSIH 4 Rally. The whole day yesterday I scrolled through the newsfeed on every social network there is. I was busy doing revision with my kids since today they are sitting for their fourth progressive exams. I could only wait for updates from friends who have decided to be part of this huge, historic rally.
I was wondering throughout the day. Will there be another Bersih Rally next year? We have had four series by far.
I was wondering how Najib would react to this year's rally? Whether Rosmah could at least shut her eyes all night? The rest of the Razak clan?
I could not sleep last night as I was busy browsing through the pictures of the rally going-ons via Facebook and Instagram.
I must say, I was very impressed this time,
I read the comments posted by netizens, locals and foreigners alike.
Positive and negative feedbacks, some were even unsure of their own stances.

Yes, a bad leader should discontinue his/her reign. Every nation in this world deserves someone who is able to protect and provide for the people.

Nevertheless, I could not help myself asking these questions:

What's next after this rally? Will the people be able to topple the culprit from his throne in unison?
The future, will it be brighter? Or will it be bleaker?

Even after cleaning up the mess, will they be able to keep up with maintaining the spic and span state?

The world is watching.

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