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2 Jul 2015

Thy Mother is GREEN!

Mak kau hijau! Mak kau hijau! Mak kau hijau!

Here and there Malaysian netizens are having cursing calling respective mothers GREEN.
I did watch that one video that went viral overnight.
But I just can't seem to brain why did the little boy keep on taunting at his humongous bully "Mak kau hijau (your mother is green!)!

Was he trying to compare the bully's mother to the famous Marvel comic character Hulk?
Was he trying to say that the other boy's mummy was a salad aficionado?
Was he trying to say that the other boy's mother was born with green complexion?

Until now I fail to find the real answer to this viral catchphrase.

So only the mothers get to be green?
Bapak kau merah jambu.
Nenek kau kuning.
Abang kau kelabu tahi itik.
Kakak kau takde warna langsung.

Whatever it is, it doesn't matter what colour you are. You just got to be confident.
(What in the world...?)


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