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24 Jul 2013

Chipsmore, I am! I am BACK, baby!!

24 Julai tarikh aritok.

Lebih dari setengah tahun aku sik update blog ku tok. Busy "repair" semangat ngan dirik. Last ku ngepost nang bunyi kedak orang putus harapan. Sorry, forgive my bad manners....HELLO everyone! (Macam lah blog ku tok banyak followers...tapi current followers tetap ku hargai sebab kitak orang sudi juak follow)....yerdeh! Another visible sign of being matured - appreciating small matters katanya!

Kinek tok aku dah dekat 4 bulan bergelar tutor. True, I could not get a place in either Sarawak Arts School (Kuching) nor Tenby School here in Miri. But God really gave me the biggest (and the coolest, by far) joke to me few months back! Tepat 1 April 2013, as others busy fooling people around, I got a job as a tutor. An English Language tutor to be precise. Tempat ku ngajar is what I call "a humble, simple learning centre that functions as the beacon of hope"....yup, the long-winded me, as usual LOL! What's cool about my job is that for now I only work 2 hours (average basis) a day...and only four days in a WEEK! And, I can still pay for my car, loan and many more. Nevertheless this job that I got requires me to be extra patient. I am dealing with forty plus young ones whose language ability is totally limited. Like totally! When I first started teaching these cheerful kids, language barrier nearly drove me nuts. But as I said earlier on, patience was all I needed to be strong and stay in the game.

Four months had passed, I'm glad to say that my kids have shown positive progress. And...I've been learning wee bit Mandarin lately. In the school, I am one of the three non-Chinese academic staff. Ninety-six percent of the students who are attending our classes are Chinese. But I don't mind at all. Yang penting the kids are willing to help themselves. Not all of them are willing to come and attend extra classes, of course.

Recalling the moment when I got interviewed for the teaching job sometime end of March this year, the interviewer (my current employer) told me he's surprised upon knowing my education background. As a theatre graduate, many people expected me to end up working my butt off in arts industry. Many, not all. My mother is one of them. But I did thank Lord Jesus the moment the interviewer said "I am also looking for a person who can teach drama for children besides teaching English language here in Miri!"

Now, talking about The Law of Attraction, eh!

Yes, now I am doing just fine in this humble hometown of mine, people, I'm doing absolutely fine. Of course I do miss acting on stage every now and then but maybe the Lord is trying to tell me to utilize my artistic talents in other ways. I do, now, get the point. Plus, I've started to sketch pictures again; something that I did not get to do that much back in Shah Alam. Been posting my sketches on my Facebook wall and also Instagram. Glad to know many people like my works. Keep counting the blessings the Lord has given me is what I do on daily basis now.

About the speech and drama class, it's been announced during staff meeting last week. The class will be part of end of the year school holiday programs and I am so looking forward to meet my future young little thespians!

Maok jak rasa maok nulis panjang2, but the allergy med has taken its toll on me *darn*, should be in bed by now. I shall write again soon. Sebelum saying "bye-bye", I'll share some pics here ya!

These are my students!

My first self-portrait done by a fellow artist I met via Instagram. His name is Ahyat. You can follow him at @ahyathappydoodles

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